How to See Deleted Messages on Snapchat? (Top 3 Ways)

Snapchat is the most popular and fastest-growing platform. Whether you’re looking to share a moment, share a message, or just want to engage in real-time conversation, you’ll find a lot of people on the app. However, Snapchat’s messaging platform is constantly changing, which makes it difficult to keep track of your conversations and memories.

If you’ve ever lost a deleted message, you may be wondering if it’s possible to recover it on Snapchat. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to recover deleted messages on Snapchat. We’ll look at the methods and techniques you can use to retrieve deleted messages, especially if you’ve lost important information or memories.

How to See Deleted Messages on Snapchat? (Top 3 Ways)

Snapchat users often wonder if there’s a way to retrieve deleted messages. While Snapchat doesn’t provide a direct feature to recover deleted messages, there’s a method to download your Snapchat data, including chat history and media. Here’s how:

1. Open Snapchat and tap your avatar in the upper-left corner.

2. Tap the settings gear in the upper-right corner.

How to See Deleted Messages on Snapchat. Method 1: Snapchat Support team

3. Under Account Actions, tap My Data.

go to Setting on Snapchat and tap "My data"

4. Enter your login information and tap Log In.

Login your details

5. Enable the toggle switch to include Memories in your request.

Enable toggle switch to include Memories in your request

6. Enter your email address and Confirm it.

7. Optionally, define a date range using the calendar.

8. Tap Submit request to receive a ZIP copy of your data via email.

Enter email adress and submit it

9. Open Snapchat’s email and click the provided link to download the ZIP file.

Open email and click the provided link to download the ZIP file

10. Extract the folders containing media, such as chat_media or memories, where deleted Snaps might be located.

Here are some other ways that you can use to check and recover deleted messages on Snapchat.

1. Check Snapchat Cache

One way to potentially recover deleted Snapchat messages is by examining the app’s cache files. These files sometimes retain data even after it’s been deleted from the app. Here’s how to check Snapchat cache on Android devices.


Before proceeding, ensure that:

  • You have access to your Android device and its file manager.
  • Basic understanding of navigating through device directories.
  • Permission to view hidden files and folders on your device.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check snapchat cache.

1. Open your device’s file manager and access the internal storage or SD card.
2. Look for the Snapchat folder among the list of directories.

Mehtod 2 using Snapchat Cache
3. Within the Snapchat folder, locate and open the Cache subfolder.
4. Scan through the contents of the cache folder and identify files with the .nomedia extension.

identify files with the .nomedia extension
5. Long-press on the .nomedia files, select the rename option, and change the file extension to something like .media.
6. Tap on the renamed files to open them using a compatible media viewer or text editor app.
7. Review the content of the files to check if they contain any deleted messages or media.

2. Using iMyFone D-Back (iOS) Recovery Tool

When traditional methods fail, iMyFone D-Back (iOS) is a reliable solution for recovering deleted Snapchat messages. This powerful tool offers efficient data recovery for iPhones and iPads, ensuring the retrieval of lost data without the need for backups. Here’s how to use iMyFone D-Back to recover your deleted Snapchat messages.

Before using iMyFone D-Back, ensure:

  • You have a compatible iPhone or iPad.
  • Access to a Windows or Mac computer.
  • A reliable internet connection for downloading the software.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Recover Snapchat messages using recover tool ( iMYfone-D-back Recovery tool)
Source: iMyFone D-Back for Android

1. Download and Install iMyFone D-Back
2. Open the application after installation.
3. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” mode.
4. Use a USB cable to connect your device to the computer.
5. Click “Start” to scan your device for deleted Snapchat messages.
6. Review the scan results and select the Snapchat messages you want to recover.
7. Click “Recover” and choose a location to save the recovered data on your computer.
8. Wait for the software to finish the recovery process.
9. Check the recovered messages to ensure all desired content is retrieved.

With iMyFone D-Back (iOS), recovering deleted Snapchat messages becomes a hassle-free task, ensuring you never lose important conversations or media again.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Message Recovery

Recovering deleted Snapchat messages can be a tricky task, but with the right approach, you can increase your chances of success. Here are some useful tips and tricks to enhance your message recovery experience.

1. Act Quickly

Time is of the essence when it comes to recovering deleted messages. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that the deleted data may be overwritten by new data. As soon as you realize messages are deleted, take immediate action to initiate the recovery process.

2. Regular Backups

To avoid losing important Snapchat messages in the future, make it a habit to regularly back up your device data. Utilize built-in backup features or third-party apps to create secure backups of your messages, ensuring you have a copy in case of accidental deletion.

3. Avoid Overwriting Data

When attempting to recover deleted messages, refrain from using the device extensively to prevent overwriting the deleted data. Avoid sending or receiving new messages, installing apps, or making significant changes to the device until the recovery process is complete.

4. Use Reliable Recovery Tools

While there are various recovery tools available, opt for trusted and reputable software like iMyFone D-Back (iOS) for efficient and reliable message recovery. Ensure the tool supports your device model and iOS version to maximize success.

5. Check Cloud Storage

If you have enabled Snapchat’s cloud backup feature, check if your deleted messages are stored in the cloud. Access the cloud storage settings within the Snapchat app or your device settings to retrieve backed-up messages.


1. Can I recover deleted messages on Snapchat without using third-party tools?

Yes, Snapchat offers built-in features like the “My Data” option in settings, which allows users to request their data from Snapchat, including deleted messages, without the need for third-party tools. Additionally, clearing the app cache may sometimes reveal deleted messages.

2. Is it legal to use recovery tools to retrieve deleted messages on Snapchat?

It’s generally legal to use recovery tools to retrieve your own deleted data, including messages on Snapchat, as long as you’re not violating any terms of service or privacy laws. However, it’s essential to ensure that you’re not infringing on anyone else’s privacy rights in the process.

3. What should I do if I encounter errors or difficulties during the message recovery process?

If you encounter errors or difficulties during the message recovery process, try troubleshooting steps like restarting the app or device, checking for updates, or contacting customer support for assistance. If using a third-party recovery tool, ensure it’s reputable and compatible with your device.


The ability to recover deleted messages on Snapchat can be a valuable asset for users who have accidentally deleted important conversations or want to retrieve lost memories. While Snapchat provides some built-in methods for message recovery, such as the “My Data feature, third-party tools like iMyFone D-Back (iOS) offer additional options for retrieving deleted messages efficiently.

However, it’s essential to approach message recovery with caution and respect privacy considerations. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide and using reliable recovery methods, users can increase their chances of successfully recovering deleted messages on Snapchat while prioritizing privacy and security.

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