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9 Best Wireless Headphones Under $100 (2023 Updated List)

In the realm of audio technology, finding the perfect blend of quality, convenience, and affordability can often be a challenging quest. Thankfully, the market for wireless headphones has expanded, providing a plethora of options that don’t break the bank.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a podcast addict, or a casual listener, the demand for wireless headphones under $100 has sparked innovation in audio technology. In this article, we present a curated list of the 9 best wireless headphones under $100, ensuring that you can enjoy a seamless auditory experience without straining your wallet.

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Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones Check Price
Skullcandy Riff 2 On-Ear Wireless Headphones Check Price
Peakfun Over-Ear Bluetooth Adjustable Headphones Check Price
PHILIPS Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Check Price
M-Audio HDH40 – Over Ear Studio Headphones with Closed Back Design Check Price
WYZE Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Check Price
Panasonic Lightweight Over the Ear Wired Headphones Check Price
3M Quiet Space Headphones Check Price
PHILIPS H5205 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Check Price

9 Best Wireless Headphones Under $100

These headphones offer good sound quality and convenient wireless features, all without costing you a fortune. Whether you’re a music lover, a podcast enthusiast, or simply need headphones for your daily activities, our list has options that fit your budget and provide a decent listening experience. Let’s have a look at a list of the 9 best wireless headphones under $100.

1. Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones

Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones Check Price

The Sony WH-CH520 wireless headphones stand out with their sleek design and impressive sound quality, making them an excellent choice for audio enthusiasts on a budget. These headphones offer a clear and balanced audio experience, and their Bluetooth connectivity ensures effortless pairing.

However, it’s worth noting that a few users have reported that the fit can be slightly snug during prolonged use. Despite this, the Sony WH-CH520 headphones provide a compelling option for those seeking both affordability and quality sound in their wireless audio experience.


  • Clear and balanced audio performance
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Stylish and comfortable design


  • Snug fit during prolonged use
  • Limited noise isolation
  • Bass response could be improved

2. Skullcandy Riff 2 On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Skullcandy Riff 2 On-Ear Wireless Headphones Check Price

The Skullcandy Riff 2 headphones are notable for their stylish and foldable design, catering to the needs of versatile on-the-go users. Their convenient foldability adds to their appeal, allowing easy portability and storage. When it comes to sound quality, these headphones deliver decent audio performance, with a particular emphasis on punchy bass that can enhance your music experience.

However, it’s important to consider that a subset of users has reported occasional connectivity issues. While the headphones provide an attractive option for those who appreciate both style and practicality, potential buyers might want to weigh the benefits of the punchy bass against the occasional connectivity concerns.


  • Stylish and foldable design
  • Punchy bass and decent sound quality
  • Comfortable fit for extended wear


  • Occasional connectivity issues
  • Build quality could be sturdier
  • Sound clarity at higher volumes could improve

3. Peakfun Over-Ear Bluetooth Adjustable Headphones

Peakfun Over-Ear Bluetooth Adjustable Headphones Check Price

The Peakfun Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones excel in providing users with a comfortable listening experience, due to their adjustable headbands and plush ear cushions that ensure a snug fit. These headphones are designed for extended wearing sessions, making them a suitable choice for those who value comfort during prolonged use.

Moreover, the inclusion of a noise-canceling feature enhances the overall listening experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favorite tunes without external distractions. However, it’s important to note that while the headphones offer satisfactory bass performance, they might not fully satisfy bass enthusiasts seeking an intense low-frequency experience.

The Peakfun Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones present a balanced package of comfort and audio enhancement, making them a practical choice for various listening scenarios.


  • Comfortable fit with adjustable headbands
  • Effective noise-canceling feature
  • Long battery life


  • Bass response might be lacking for some users
  • Buttons could be more intuitive
  • Mid-range sound could be clearer

4. PHILIPS Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless

PHILIPS Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Check Price

The PHILIPS active noise-canceling wireless headphones elevate your listening experience by effectively diminishing ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy your music or podcasts without disturbances from your surroundings. The active noise-canceling feature is particularly advantageous in noisy environments, as it helps create an immersive sound bubble.

However, it’s important to be aware that a subset of users has observed a minor drawback: a faint hissing sound that accompanies the noise-canceling function when it’s activated. While this might not be a major issue for many users, it’s worth considering if you’re sensitive to such auditory nuances.

Overall, the PHILIPS active noise-canceling wireless headphones offer a solid blend of enhanced audio experience and noise reduction, making them a compelling option for those seeking a more focused listening environment.


  • Effective active noise cancellation
  • Balanced audio performance
  • Comfortable design for extended wear


  • Slight hissing sound with noise cancellation
  •  Build quality could be improved
  • Bass response may lack impact

5. M-Audio HDH40 – Over-Ear Studio Headphones with Closed Back Design

M-Audio HDH40 – Over Ear Studio Headphones with Closed Back Design Check Price

The M-Audio HDH40 headphones are tailored for audiophiles, catering to their discerning taste with accurate sound reproduction that captures the nuances of audio recordings. The closed-back design of these headphones further contributes to their ability to provide a focused and immersive listening experience, preventing sound leakage and enhancing sound isolation.

However, that their large size and weight might limit their portability and convenience, making them better suited for stationary use rather than on-the-go scenarios. If you’re seeking headphones that prioritize sound accuracy and clarity over portability, the M-Audio HDH40 headphones could be an excellent choice for indulging in high-quality audio from the comfort of your preferred listening space.


  • Accurate sound reproduction
  • Closed-back design for better isolation
  • Durable build quality


  • Bulky and heavy design
  • Clamping force might be uncomfortable for some
  • Limited wireless connectivity options

6. WYZE Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

WYZE Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Check Price

The WYZE Hybrid headphones present a compelling fusion of active noise cancellation and affordability, offering budget-conscious consumers an opportunity to experience enhanced audio without breaking the bank. These headphones strike a balance between quality and cost, delivering decent sound quality and effective noise reduction to elevate your listening sessions.

However, it’s worth considering that the touch controls on the headphones can be quite sensitive, which might result in unintentional actions when adjusting settings or handling the headphones. Despite this minor drawback, the WYZE Hybrid headphones manage to provide a satisfactory compromise between noise cancellation, audio performance, and price, making them an attractive option for those seeking value-driven audio solutions.


  • Budget-friendly with active noise cancellation
  • Decent sound quality
  •  Comfortable fit for extended use


  • Sensitive touch controls
  • Bluetooth range could be improved
  • Build quality could be sturdier

7. Panasonic Lightweight Over the Ear Wired Headphones

Panasonic Lightweight Over the Ear Wired Headphones Check Price

The Panasonic lightweight wired headphones are designed with a strong emphasis on comfort and simplicity, highlighted by their ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable fit during extended listening sessions. The lightweight construction of these headphones adds to their wearability, allowing users to enjoy their favorite audio content without feeling weighed down.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that the wired connection of these headphones might pose a limitation for those who value enhanced mobility and freedom of movement. While the wired setup can deliver reliable audio quality, it might not be the ideal choice for users seeking a tangle-free experience or those who want to use the headphones with devices lacking a headphone jack.
Despite the wired constraint, the Panasonic lightweight headphones offer a comfortable and straightforward audio solution.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Comfortable for extended listening
  • Balanced audio performance


  • Wired connection might limit mobility
  • Soundstage could be more spacious
  • Noise isolation could be better

8. 3M Quiet Space Headphones

3M Quiet Space Headphones Check Price

The 3M Quiet Space headphones are purposefully crafted to tackle noise reduction within office settings, making them an ideal choice for individuals seeking focus in a bustling work environment. The headphones boast a distinctive design that contributes to a sense of privacy, effectively signaling to others that you’re engaged in your tasks.

However, it’s important to consider that the audio quality of these headphones might not match the performance offered by some of the other options on this list. While the primary focus lies in creating a noise-free workspace, audiophiles or those seeking an immersive audio experience might find that the audio quality falls short of their expectations.

The 3M Quiet Space headphones prioritize workplace concentration but might not deliver audiophile-grade sound performance.


  • Innovative design for noise reduction
  • Suitable for office and focused work
  • Adjustable headband for comfort


  • Audio quality may not be on par with dedicated headphones
  • Limited features compared to entertainment-focused headphones
  • Noise reduction might not be suitable for all environments

9. PHILIPS H5205 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

PHILIPS H5205 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Check Price

The PHILIPS H5205 wireless headphones excel in delivering a comfortable listening experience, due to their well-designed fit that ensures extended wearing doesn’t compromise comfort. Alongside comfort, these headphones offer a balanced sound profile that caters to a variety of audio preferences.

However, it’s worth noting that a subset of users has voiced concerns regarding the durability of the ear cushions over time. This indicates that, while the headphones perform well in terms of comfort and audio quality, there might be room for improvement in terms of the long-term durability of certain components.

Despite this potential issue, the PHILIPS H5205 wireless headphones provide a satisfactory combination of comfort and sound balance, making them a suitable choice for everyday audio needs.


  • Comfortable fit for extended wear
  • Balanced sound profile
  • Foldable design for portability


  •  Ear cushion durability concerns
  • Bass response might not satisfy bass enthusiasts
  • Wireless connectivity range could be improved

Final Verdict: Our Best Wireless Headphones Under $100

Selecting the ideal wireless headphones under $100 is a matter of aligning your individual preferences and priorities. Each person’s needs and priorities may vary, so it’s essential to consider what matters most to you when making your decision. After meticulously evaluating the aforementioned options, it’s clear that the decision-making process hinges on your specific requirements.

Among these options, the Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones emerge as a standout choice. This particular model offers a harmonious combination of factors that contribute to an exceptional listening experience. The Sony WH-CH520 headphones excel in providing clear audio output, which is fundamental to truly appreciating your favorite music or content. Beyond sound quality, the headphones boast a stylish design that enhances your overall auditory journey, appealing to both aesthetics and functionality.

One of the core factors influencing your headphone selection is comfort, especially if you intend to wear them for extended periods. In this regard, the Sony WH-CH520 headphones shine once more, as they provide a comfortable fit that allows for prolonged use without compromising your comfort.

While the choice of the best wireless headphones under $100 varies based on your individual requirements, the Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones present a comprehensive package that encompasses sound quality, design, and comfort. The blend of these essential aspects makes the Sony WH-CH520 a recommended choice for anyone seeking a well-rounded and satisfying audio experience without exceeding a budget-friendly threshold.

How Do We Pick The Best Wireless Headphones Under $100? (Buying Guide)

Selecting the best under $100 headphones might seem like a daunting task, given the multitude of options available in the market. However, with a clear understanding of your priorities and a grasp of the key factors to consider, you can make a well-informed decision that aligns with your preferences and needs.

1. Sound Quality

Undoubtedly, the primary aspect that dictates the quality of headphones is the sound they deliver. While audiophile-grade sound might be a stretch within this price range, you can still find headphones that offer a well-balanced audio profile. Look for headphones that produce clear trebles, well-defined mids, and satisfactory bass. Consider testing the headphones with various genres of music to gauge their versatility.

2. Comfort & Fit

Comfort is paramount, especially if you intend to use the headphones for extended periods. Look for ergonomic designs with padded headbands and plush ear cushions. Adjustable headbands ensure a secure fit, and swiveling ear cups can adapt to your head shape, reducing discomfort during prolonged use.

3. Battery Life

Wireless headphones rely on battery power, so battery life is a crucial consideration. Seek headphones with a battery life that aligns with your usage patterns. Whether you’re using them for long work sessions or extended commutes, a longer battery life ensures uninterrupted listening without frequent recharging.

4. Connectivity Options

The connectivity options of wireless headphones are essential for seamless pairing with your devices. Verify that the headphones support the Bluetooth version compatible with your devices. Additionally, check whether they offer multi-device pairing, allowing you to switch between devices effortlessly.

5. Build Quality & Durability

While budget-friendly, headphones should still exhibit a certain level of build quality and durability. Look for headphones with sturdy materials, reinforced hinges, and well-constructed joints. A durable build ensures that your investment lasts longer and withstands everyday wear and tear.

6. Noise Cancellation & Isolation

Active noise cancellation can be a game-changer, particularly if you often find yourself in noisy environments. It’s worth investing in headphones that offer effective noise cancellation, as it enhances your listening experience by blocking out unwanted ambient sounds. Additionally, even headphones without active noise cancellation can provide good passive noise isolation through their design and cushioning.

7. Controls & Features

Intuitive controls are essential for a seamless user experience. Look for headphones with easily accessible buttons for adjusting volume, skipping tracks, and taking calls. Some models even offer touch controls for added convenience. Voice assistant compatibility and customizable EQ settings can also enhance the user experience.

8. Portability & Design

Portability is a consideration if you plan to carry your headphones around frequently. Foldable designs and compact carrying cases make transportation more convenient. Additionally, consider the aesthetics – choose a design that appeals to your personal style.

9. Reviews & User Feedback

User reviews and feedback provide valuable insights into real-world experiences with the headphones. They can highlight both strengths and potential issues that might not be apparent from specifications alone. Pay attention to common themes in reviews to understand the overall performance and reliability of the headphones.

10. Price & Value

Last but not least, evaluate the headphones in terms of their price-to-value ratio. While you’re looking for options under $100, make sure that the features and performance offered align with your budget and requirements. Balance is key – you want to get the most value out of your investment without compromising on essential features.

Choosing the best wireless headphones under $100 is an exercise in balancing your preferences and needs. By considering factors like sound quality, comfort, battery life, connectivity, build quality, noise cancellation, controls, portability, reviews, and price, you can make an educated decision that enhances your audio experience without exceeding your budget.

Remember that the perfect pair of headphones for you is the one that delivers a harmonious blend of audio performance, comfort, and functionality.


Are Wireless Headphones Under $100 Worth It?

Indeed, numerous wireless headphones under $100 provide remarkable features and sound quality, offering excellent value for budget-conscious individuals seeking a rewarding audio experience without overspending.

Do Budget Wireless Headphones Compromise On Audio Quality?

Though compromises might exist, advancements in audio technology enable manufacturers to craft budget-friendly headphones that still deliver noteworthy audio quality, catering to discerning listeners on a budget.

Can I Use Wireless Headphones For Gaming?

Absolutely, wireless headphones are suitable for gaming. Yet, for competitive gaming, prioritizing headphones with minimal latency is advisable to ensure optimal synchronization between visuals and sound cues.


The world of wireless headphones under $100 is rife with options that cater to diverse preferences. With brands like Sony, Skullcandy, and PHILIPS leading the charge, you don’t have to compromise on quality while staying within your budget.

Whether you prioritize active noise cancellation, comfort, or sound clarity, the variety of choices ensures that there’s a perfect pair of wireless headphones waiting to provide an enhanced auditory experience without emptying your wallet.

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